I've got tons of questions about my photo equipment so here's a short video showing it!

Equipment mentioned in the video: Camera Nikon D600 Lenses: Nikkor 50 1.8D, Helios 77m-4, Helios 81N, Helios 40-2-N, Petzval 85 art lens, Petzval 58 bokeh control

But always remember that it's not camera and lenses who do the photos, it's the photographer! It really doesn't matter what equipment you use. One of my best images was made with old Nikon D80 and cheap Nikkor 50 1.8D. I just love the character and bokeh of vintage lenses that's why I use them. The secret of good photography is your experienced eye and good taste in art, some knowledge about composition, color and light. Don't be afraid to experiment and never blame your camera or lens!

Butterflies in my stomach. Self-portrait.

Butterflies in my stomach - is an anxious and nervous feeling inside yourself (inside your stomach). This image is metaphor of dealing with stress, anxiety and releasing my inner bugs. I've had issues with dark thoughts and depression for the past couple of years and this image represents my attempt to reconsider my life and to be reborn into a new person.

Here's a little making of and editing timelapse. 3,5 hours in 3,5 minutes!

Equipment used: ♡ Broncolor Move 1200l battery pack ♡ 60 x 60 softbox ♡ Broncolor new RFS 2.2 transmitter

Today I want to show how to make a creative bokeh background for your indoor photoshoots out of studio paper backdrop. Also a little making of My Universe photo.

Camera & lens : Nikon D600 & Helios 77m-4

Lightning equipment: ♡ Broncolor Move 1200l two battery packs ♡ 2 Broncolor MobiLed flasheads with color gels behind the backdrop ♡ 1 MobiLed with conical snoot on top ♡ Reflector on the other side ♡ 1 flashhead on the couch with lots of fabric for very slight fill light

Behind the scenes of "Last Flight" photoshoot near the famous DC-3 plane wreckage in Iceland.

Promo photoshoot for Brooklyn based musician Amber Skye EP "Rivers" in Crystal Caves, Pennsylvania, USA.